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Hi Everyone, are you ready to achieve abundant health? Yes! Then join Dr. Dees on her quest to help people achieve optimal health with optimal nutrition. Dr. Dees is accepting new patients and excited to see past patients.


Women’s Refresh & Refill Guide:
It's a beautiful time to develop your toolkit for refreshing and refilling your mind, body and spirit during the year. Refreshing and refilling is a very personal experience. Depending on you, it may include a variety of tools, or only specific ones. The key is to plug into what works best for you. Read More

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American Association of Drugless Practitioners- Board Certified/licensed
American Alternative Medical Association- Board Certified/licensed
American Holistic Health Association
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition
Chamber of Commerce
Endometriosis Association- Listed as Nutritionist of Endocrine disorders
Holistic Pediatric Association
National Association for Nutrition Practitioners
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

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"Now is the time to become healthy. My mission is to teach my clients how to become healthy and stay healthy using holistic nutrition!"

-Dr. Karen Spencer Dees, PhD


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In her practice Dr. Karen Spencer Dees treats the client as an individual by assessing their entire life, background, illnesses, allergies, eating disorders, pain management and discipline levels.  Most importantly, Dr. Dees looks at patients blood work pertaining to their cholesterol levels, vitamin counts, Mineral counts and Immune System. In addition, Dr. Dees looks at possibilities of hypoglycemia and eating disorders. Dr. Dees assesses the entire profile of the patient to then create an individual Eating Program based on the unique profile and food allergies.